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16 July 2012 @ 02:20 pm
Long time no see.
The last weeks I was quite busy going to Toyko/Hikone/Osaka and finally climbing Mt Fuji.
Toyko/Hikone/Osaka and Mt. Fuji where quite wet, OK it's rainy season, but still soaking wet 3 weekends in a row is not funny anymore.
Had some great days with summerqueen in Tokyo/Hikone and Osaka with great Granrodeo concerts! To see them live again made my days and gave me some energy back.

Climbing Mt. Fuji was as hard as I had expected it. I climbed with my roommate and 2 of my co-workers. We used the Fujinomiya trail, which is sometimes really really steep. We tried our best, but only could make it to the 8th station, because the weather was so so nasty. It was raining, storming and cold. And many other people did the same as we did. Because even people who climbed Mt. Fuji before said that it would be useless to go further. My co-workers cousin climbed to the top that day, but also said he could see nothing but white clouds at the top.
But I want to climb Mt. Fuji one more time. Maybe another, easier trail, and maybe not at night what we did the last time.
It was a great experience that I don't want to miss, but the weather could have been better.
And hitting an Onsen-spa after climbing down was was really a good idea!

Here are some pictures:

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13 April 2012 @ 08:34 pm
Long time no see.
Many changes happened in my life the last past months.
Handed in my thesis, and because my prof doesn't know much of my topic it was only a OK grade from her. finished all my written and oral exams in January.
So now I'm a M.A. (still waiting for my certificate).
Worked my ass off at work, because they fired everybody due to restructure of the company. So all the part time stuff had to fill in the empty slots from the other workers. Worked more than double of my normal working hours....
So because of the ending of my part time job at the end of march and my graduation I looked for a normal Job. Unfortunately the JET-program didn't worked out for me this time I looked for other options.
All the job offers I found in Germany never came back to me or told me they had too many applicants for one position so they couldn't hire me this time.
I got lucky when I applied for a position in an international preschool in Nagoya. They told me they would like to work with me. And so I'm working in Japan again since the beginning of April.
Before that I had a great time in the USA with summerqueen and irea . With lots of cherry blossoms, walking, sightseeing and on my last evening the L'arc en Ciel concert in Madison Square Garden.
So now I'm living in Nagoya, only 10 minutes away from Nagoya station and try my best at being an English teacher again ^^. I'm the homeroom teacher of the 2 to 3 year old kids. The first days I had lots of crying kids in my class, because half of my class is new to school and never were separated from their parents before. Hopefully it will be better soon. On Saturdays I have classes with elementary school kids, and tomorrow I have my first parents observation (this is so Japanese even in an international school XD) and in two weeks I have have my first teacher-parents conference. I almost feel like teaching in a real school XD.
My roommate, a Australian girl, is really nice and our apartment is quite big compared to other apartments here in Nagoya. Lucky us ^^ Just the train track right in front of my window are a bit .... lets say loud ^^; but you can get used to everything~~

SO I try to update our Japan-blog http://vanira.livejournal.com regularly but I won't promise XD otherwise pictures can always be found at my facebook~
10 December 2011 @ 08:23 am
Long time no see! Shouldn't neglect LJ that much, but well it's easer and faster to update via FB and Twitter.
But well what should I say? Wrote my exams thesis since March and handed it in in September. But to come to this point it was running around in University, getting all certificates from my courses, getting lots and lots more signs from my professors, who are not in University that often, and running to the examination office with ridiculous opening hours for students (only twice a week for 3 hours and on vacation times only once a week).
BUT finished all this, could write my thesis and I was happy. Until I had to hand it in. Right in that week my Internet and Computer were not working so I had to do the rest of my thesis with just my mobile phone for almost all the resources. Well worked that out, went to the copy shop, did 3 copies and handed it in finally.
Then the running around continued. For the final exams. What topics? Signs consultation with profs again. Got one date but had to cancel it because my prof didn't handed in the questions´, had to get a new fixed date. Well the first written one went kind of smoothly. Last week the JLPT 2. Was OK I think but there were some little traps that were not that nice XD. But well think I did it somehow. Today the second written exam. It was kinda OK but the text for the exam was, well lets say a little bit confusing. But the questions were OK so I think the exam at all was OK too! So only whats left for University are the two oral exams at the beginning of January. Then this University thing is over! YES!
So what else to say? Want to apply for the JET/CIR next year. So now getting all stuff together. Again running around for recommendation letters from profs that don't have time is oh so much fun. Not.
Also trying to get a new part time job. Hopefully this position that I applied to will be something. Because well the old one is getting horrible. No money, late work, lots of stress (and I don't mean the work, well work is also stressing XD, i mean the team leader is horrible).
And now its Christmas season. Need to do some shopping for presents, but I have really no idea what to buy. Really every year the same with that.
Also my dad is stressing me out these days, or better the last months. I mean yes he is getting old but ... but...sigh.

Really REALLY need holidays after all this. Hopefully next March ^_^ just have to ask my bank account again. Will do this this weekend!

So far my life update. Nothing interesting happened though XD OK almost finishing University, but nothing more so far ^^; Hopefully that will change after really finishing University next month.
08 July 2011 @ 12:00 pm
14 June 2011 @ 07:43 am

So These are all questions for my Master Thesis I’m currently writing on. The Thesis is about the phenomenon of the Japanese voice actors aka Seiyuu. One part are the fans of out beloved Seiyuu and how they support the Seiyuu. Or what they would do to see the Seiyuu They like. So These are just statistically questions that I will only use in my thesis.

1.) How old are you? (just for statistics ^.~)

2.) Where are you from.

3.) Where are you living now?

4.) What are you doing? (student, working ect)

5.) When did you start to like Seiyuu and why?

6.) Who is your favorite Seiyuu? And why?

7.) Did you went to any Seiyuu Event? Or are willing to go to one in the future? How did you get the tickets? Do you buy especially CDs DVDs to maybe get tickets?

8.) If yes, how long did you travel to get there?

9.) When you live outside of Japan did you go to Japan for a Seiyuu event?

10. ) When you live in Japan how far do you travel?

11.) Do you by any goods when you go to an event?

12.) How much do you spend? (I know some people spent lots of money there, me too ^^;)

13.) To how many Events do you usually go? (Like every weekend; once a month....)

14.) Do you go to all shows then?

15.) Would you spent a lot of money for an event even if there is only one Seiyuu interesting for you?

16.)What experience did you make when you went to an event?

17.)So normally what do you buy as a Seiyuu fan? (like CD, DVD, Newspapers ect) and where do you buy this? At a shop like Animate, the Internet...?

18.) How much money do you spend in one month?

19.) Do you have a special moment you had at an Seiyuu event? Or with a Seiyuu?

20.) Do you watch an anime just because there is one Seiyuu in you like?

21.) Did you not like an anime before but then a Seiyuu appeared you liked and after that you liked the anime?

22.) If you are not living in Japan, would you like to have a real Seiyuu event like in Japan? And not only have a guest Seiyuu at a convention.

23.) What would you do to see a Seiyuu? (Go to conventions/events/concerts.....)

24.) What do you do to stay updated about you beloved Seiyuu?

25.) Do you have any good source/book or something interesting about Seiyuu? (Like something academically based or so)

OK Please PM me the answers...because it seems that it is too long for the reply space >.<

won't screen the answers then....
Yeah it's been a long time since my last entry in ... October. Well it didn't happen that much though.
Work is like always stressing the hell out of me and i guess it will not be better any time soon. Our big boss is a pain in the ass and well nobody likes his decisions. *sigh*
University is slowly coming to an end hopefully in late summer or so. Handed in my application, got it approved, and now I'm writing my thesis about Seiyuu, Japanese voice actors. And yes I know even so it seems easy it is not XD NO western Literature at all and stuff ^^; but well i hope i will handle it well. I hope i will finish my thesis until summer so that i can do my final test in late summer or early autumn.
And then there was this really REALLY nice and great internship i wanted to do in Washington DC at the Freer/Sackler Gallery and the Smithsonian Institute, but my Professor refused to give me a letter of recommendation because she and her assistant (well i guess mostly her assistant) did not think of me as a suitable candidate. Well i could live with that but the reason they told me .... and the time when they told me ...was just disappointing. They told me that my interest was not so big for this internship and that my field of research was not exactly that what you you would find in the world of art history. AND they wanted to call me but could find my telephone number, not that it is in my record (and they even called me a few times) not that they told me all this through an E-mail... where they also could have ask my Number from. But well i think they gave their recommendations to some nice little Bachelor students that will write their graduation thesis in art history and are good friends with all the assistants.

But now I'm looking forward writing my thesis about Seiyuu. And i really wish i could go to Japan again to do some more research there but well ... no money for that right now.
So if anybody i willing to help me concerning my thesis is welcome ^.~

Well not that long of an entry but well I'm alive ... somehow XD and I'm looking forward to next week where I will go with touichi and see Rain performing with Jan Vogler at the Semper Opera House in Dresden.
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03 October 2010 @ 11:00 pm
So today was the last day of the 10 years love Neoromance Event here in Osaka and I have to say it was just GREAT ^^
And first of all they announced today that even the old Haruka Cast will be in Haruka 5. They will voice the 4 Gods Genbu (Nakahara), Suzaku (Naozumi), Seiryuu (Seki)and Byakko (Inoue) and the others will be voicing various Myoos (Miki, Ishida, Miyata, Hoshi) which i actually can't remember ^^;;
And thanks to summerqueen i got really nice tickets. I was in 5th and 3rd row this time and ...WOW...so near to the stage *.* only like 2 meters or so ... i felt like i was so small compared to the guys on Stage XD but unfotunately i couldn't catch a Ball....damn big guy next to me...
All in all was it a really nice event even though it rained when the break was between day and night show and i was so soaked....everything was wet ><
But the shows let me forget about it XD A really cute Naozumi and Seki and Hiroki, Canna's belly button and Bierbäuchie XD, Narita Ken's pant's (yes your zipper on your pants was seen xdd) the only lonely Corda boy Itou ( but Nakahara "helped" him sing in the ending XD, Morikawa and Horiuchi cool as ever ^^
And it was funny to see them getting embarassed when they showed old movies of their perfomances ^^
Well i need some sleep now ^^; tiiiiired so maybe i will write some more tomorrow or so...well we will see ^^

Good night ^^~
26 September 2010 @ 10:25 pm
CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ERASE THESE RUSSIAN PORN BOTS FROM LJ????????? I really hate it when something like that apears in a community i watch.... I mean the admins are erasing it from the community but still ... can't they find somewhere else to spam around?? And they are spamming any kind of com....arg....
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15 September 2010 @ 09:30 pm
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